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Low-Temp No-Clean Solder Paste

Our Low-Temperature, No-Clean Solder Paste uses the alloy Sn42/Bi57/Ag1, which exhibits the known low temperature abilities of more traditional tin-bismuth alloys.  The addition of silver adds strength to the alloy, all the while mitigating one of the drawbacks to the more traditional tin-bismuth alloys, brittleness, .  Our Low-Temperature Solder Paste is currently available in Type 3 and Type 5 alloys, but additional mesh sizes can be provided upon request.

Please note that we can custom blend solder pastes with specific Metal Contents for your particular needs.

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No-Clean, Low-Temp, Type 3

Solder Paste Product Numbers59-193-90 (Jars, Cartridges, Squeezers)
59-193-87 (Syringes)
Flux TypeNo-Clean
Solder AlloySn42/Bi57/Ag1
Alloy Mesh SizeType 3
Metal Content90% (Jars, Cartridges, Squeezers)
87% (Syringes)
SpecificationsREL0 (IPC)
Reflow Temperature Liquidus: 137°C/278°F
Max: 165°C/329°F
SDSSDS 59-193-90 (Jars)
SDS 59-193-87 (Syringes)
TDSTDS 59-193-90 (Jars)
TDS 59-193-87 (Syringes)

No-Clean, Low-Temp, Type 5

Solder Paste Product Numbers59-195-885 (Jars, Cartridges, Squeezers)
59-195-86 (Syringes)
Flux TypeNo-Clean
Solder AlloySn42/Bi57/Ag1
Alloy Mesh SizeType 5
Metal Content88.5% (Jars, Cartridges, Squeezers)
86% (Syringes)
SpecificationsREL0 (IPC)
Reflow TemperatureLiquidus: 137°C/278°F
Max: 165°C/329°F
SDSSDS 59-195-885 (Jars)
SDS 59-195-86 (Syringes)
TDSTDS 59-195-885 (Jars)
TDS 59-195-86 (Syringes)

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