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Aluminum Brazing Flux

Superior No. 20 is a general purpose, water-soluble brazing flux for aluminum applications using the BAlSi filler alloys.  Superior No. 1250 is an aluminum brazing flux designed for controlled atmospheric brazing.

Description Base Metals Filler Metals Temp Ranges Specs. SDS Spec. Sheet
No. 20 Aluminum brazing flux powder Aluminum, aluminum-based 4047/718; 4145/716 345-690°C
AMS 3412D Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.
No. 1250 Controlled Atmosphere Aluminum Brazing Flux Aluminum, aluminum-based Silicon-aluminum coated aluminum 580 – 610°C 1076 – 1130°F   Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.

Superior aluminum Brazing flux powders are RoHS compliant.

Superior No. 20 Aluminum Brazing Flux is formulated for aluminum and aluminum-based alloys:

Superior No. 1250 Aluminum Brazing Flux is formulated as a brazing compound for controlled atmospheric brazing.  The brazing flux meets the rigid requirements of successful atmospheric brazing of aluminum, most commonly used in heat exchangers.  Superior No. 1250, in its molten stage, does an excellent job of removing oxide layers from aluminum surfaces, facilitating a strong braze joint.  The typical filler alloy used with No. 1250 is a fusible alloy of aluminum and silicon.

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