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Aluminum Solder Paste

Superior Flux offers the widest range of aluminum soldering fluxes on the market, including fluxes for soldering aluminum-to-aluminum, aluminum-to-copper, aluminum-to –brass and aluminum-to-plated terminals. 

Please see the Video Links for aluminum soldering applications. 

Description Rec.
Base Metals
Rec. Temp Ranges SDS Spec. Sheet
AL26-Series Aluminum
Solder Paste
Aluminum to: Aluminum, Copper and Brass 99.3Sn/0.7Cu; SN100C; 96.5Sn/3.5Ag; 99Sn/1Ag Dependent upon alloy Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.
AL261-143-75 Aluminum
Solder Paste – Low Temp
Aluminum to: Aluminum, Copper and Brass – for Heat Sink Applications Proprietary low-temp solder Capable of soldering under 200°C Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.

Please review the following papers on aluminum soldering:
Direct Aluminum Solder Paste (IMAP Thermal Management Workshop - Palo Alto, CA, 2011)
Soldering Aluminum (SME International Brazing & Soldering Conference - Orlando, FL, 2009)

Superior AL26-Series Aluminum Solder Paste combines aluminum flux and solder powder to create an all-in-one aluminum soldering solution. Available alloys include 99.3Sn/0.7Cu, 96.5Sn/3.5Ag, 99Sn/1Ag, SAC-305 and SN100C. This aluminum solder paste can be used for joining aluminum to aluminum, copper and brass and is ideal for applications where precision dispensing is required. This solder paste can also be used for Heat Sink applications where copper piping is not built into the aluminum heat sink device. (See AL261-143-75 for heat sink applications where copper piping is built into the aluminum heat sink). Superior AL26-Series flux residues are water soluble and must be washed off after soldering. Our aluminum solder paste has excellent soldering characteristics for copper and nickel-plated aluminum surfaces. The aluminum solder paste creates a true inter-metallic bond between the solder and aluminum substrate.

Superior AL26-143-75 is blended with a proprietary solder alloy that is specifically formulated for the direct soldering of heat sinks. It solders at temperatures under 200°C, thus protecting copper piping built into the heat sink. Most importantly, Superior AL26-143-75 allows for direct Aluminum-to-Aluminum or Aluminum-to-Copper soldering in heat sink fabrication, thus negating the need for plating in heat sink applications. Eliminating plating not only translates into greatly reduced costs, but eliminates the associated hazardous chemicals from the work environment. Post-solder residues are water-soluble and should be cleaned post soldering.

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