DeepTIG Flux

DeepTIG and its formulations are TIG welding fluxes that increase weld penetration by as much aws300%, greatly increasing the quality of the welding joint. In addition to increasing penetration, DeepTIG™ cuts TIG welding times in half in most applications.

The following image exhibits the benefits of using a DeepTIG™ flux. Both welds were made in the exact same way, but the one on the right used SS-7.

DeepTIG™ flux is available in the following powdered formulations:

Available?Product NameApplicationSDS
YesDeepTIG™ SS-7Penetration flux for stainless steel alloysLink
Jan 2018DeepTIG™ NI-139Penetration flux for nickel-based alloysLink
Jan 2018DeepTIG™ CS-325Penetration flux for carbon and low alloy steelsLink

The powdered form of DeepTIG™ fluxes can be easily mixed into a slurry form by adding acetone or methanol and manually mixing until a suitable viscosity is reached. Once in this form, the DeepTIG™  flux can be simply brushed onto the area to be TIG welded. For more detailed information, please refer to the technical data sheet (TDS) or the safety data sheet (SDS) for this product.

DeepTIG™ Wire Products

Coming soon – A stainless steel welding wire cored with DeepTIG flux.

DeepTIG™ SS-7

Superior Flux NumberDeepTIG SS-7
DescriptionGTA Welding Flux for Carbon Steel Alloys
Rec. Base MetalsStainless steels

DeepTIG™ NI-139

Superior Flux NumberDeepTIG NI-139
DescriptionGTA Welding Flux for Nickel-Based Alloys
Rec. Base MetalsNickel-based alloys

DeepTIG™ CS-325

Superior Flux NumberDeepTIG CS-325
DescriptionGTA Welding Flux for Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Alloys
Rec. Base MetalsCarbon steels, low-alloy steels

DeepTIG™ formulations have many benefits for TIG welding in both manual and automatic applications. Benefits include:

  • Increased Weld Penetration – Increase weld penetration by as much as 300% in most applications. This greatly improves productivity and reduces weld joint volume.
  • Increased Weld Quality – Reduce heat-to-heat variation in weld penetration and also reduce distortion in the welds. Promote grain refinement in some cases.
  • Reduce Welding Time – Weld times can be reduced by as much as 50% in most applications, thereby dramatically speeding production and efficiency.
  • Lower Preparation Costs – Full penetration can be achieved with a square edged closed-butt joint. This configuration can reduce prep time, filler material costs, distortion, and heat input.
  • Lower Manufacturing Costs – Lower costs by reducing heat input, weld time, power requirements, and labor needs.
  • Low Risk – Multiple industries have both tested and confirmed both performance and cost saving advantages of DeepTIG™.

For more technical information or examples of how to integrate DeepTIG™ products into your process, take a look at the following resources:

Detailing DeepTIG – an article published in Practical Welding Today (July/Aug 2017), written by our president, Dr. Y. Baskin and Dr. Ian Harris, technical director of EWI.

SDS – the safety data sheets for what precautions or warnings you should know about

Contact Us – for any other questions or concerns

DeepTIG™ formulations were developed and tested extensively by Edison Welding Institute (EWI), and the Navy Joining Center (NJC). EWI is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is considered one of the world’s premier welding research institutes.

Superior Flux & Mfg. Co. manufactures and supplies the DeepTIG™ products under agreement with EWI.

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