Choosing a Flux by Name or Number

The following table is an easy-to-use chart that helps you find the relevant information about a flux if you already have a part number. It is not all-inclusive: we have many fluxes in addition to those that appear in the chart below. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. If you aren’t sure of the part number, or would like to view additional options, please avail yourself of the following additional resources:

How to Pick a Flux – An easy-to-follow guide that helps you understand and choose fluxes.

Flux by Application – A chart that lists recommendations based on how it will be used.

Flux by Specification – A chart that lists fluxes per various industry and/or government specifications.

Flux by Name – Easy-to-use table that matches documents and pages to a Superior part number

Product Name/NumberWhere to BuyTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
No. 6 US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 9HUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 20Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 23Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 25Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 27Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 29 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 30US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 30 PasteUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 30DSUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 40MM4US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 45 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 70Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 70-5US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 71US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 74 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 75 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 78US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 79Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 80US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 84 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 97US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 99US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 99-20Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 99-25.15Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 99-25.39 Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 100US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 100HTContact UsTDSSDS
No. 130 US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 135US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 141US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 142-5Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 144Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 155Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 312US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 315LFContact UsTDSSDS
No. 334US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 420FContact UsTDSSDS
No. 420F-LFContact UsTDSSDS
No. 430MBContact UsTDSSDS
No. 435 (3:1)Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 460Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 461Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 462Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 464Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 465Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 515Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 520BContact UsTDSSDS
No. 530Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 552Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 555CContact UsTDSSDS
No. 592Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 601US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 601-FPContact UsTDSSDS
No. 601B/3411US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 609B/3417-FPContact UsTDSSDS
No. 609LBUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 612Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 625US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 650Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 1250Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 1260US DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 1261Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 1265Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 1280Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 2040Contact UsTDSSDS
No. 3000 SeriesContact UsTDSSDS
No. 4000 SeriesContact UsTDSSDS
No. 5000-TFContact UsTDSSDS
No. 5700-SFMContact UsTDSSDS
No. 8000 SeriesContact UsTDSSDS
No. 8600 SeriesUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No. 8800-TFContact UsTDSSDS
No. 9000Contact UsTDSSDS
Acid Core FluxContact UsTDSSDS
AL26 SeriesContact UsTDSSDS
AL26-33-75Contact UsTDSSDS
AL26-103-25Contact UsTDSSDS
AL26-103-75Contact UsTDSSDS
AL261-143-75Contact UsTDSSDS
AL261-193-75Contact UsTDSSDS
AL2627-103-65Contact UsTDSSDS
Aluminum Core FluxContact UsTDSSDS
Anti-Borax No. 1US DistributorsTDSSDS
Anti-Borax No. 2US DistributorsTDSSDS
Anti-Borax No. 8US DistributorsTDSSDS
Cherry HeatUS DistributorsTDSSDS
ClimaxUS DistributorsTDSSDS
CrescentUS DistributorsTDSSDS
DescalerContact UsTDSSDS
Dross ReducerUS DistributorsTDSSDS
EZ WeldUS DistributorsTDSSDS
Forge BoraxUS DistributorsTDSSDS
No-Clean Core FluxContact UsTDSSDS
Preflux Copper CleanerContact UsTDSSDS
Preflux Nickel CleanerContact UsTDSSDS
RubyFluid LiquidUS DistributorsTDSSDS
RubyFluid PasteUS DistributorsTDSSDS
RubyFluid Stainless SteelUS DistributorsTDSSDS
Sal AmmoniacContact UsTDSSDS
SF-800Contact UsTDSSDS
StableweldUS DistributorsTDSSDS
SybergelUS DistributorsTDSSDS
Syberkleen 2000US DistributorsTDSSDS
SyberliquidContact UsTDSSDS
Tara 350Contact UsTDSSDS
TiBF-19Contact UsTDSSDS
WRMAP Core fluxContact UsTDSSDS
WRP Core fluxContact UsTDSSDS
WS Organic acid core fluxContact UsTDSSDS
WS-RMA Core FluxContact UsTDSSDS