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Powder Brazing Flux

Superior Powder brazing fluxes can be used with Silver and Non-Silver Filler Metals as supplied or diluted with water to desired consistency.

Description Rec.
Base Metals
Filler Metals Rec. Temp Ranges Specs. SDS Spec. Sheet

No. 601-Powder
Silver brazing powder flux Ferrous, stainless steels, copper and carbides BAg
AMS 3410; AWS A5.31-91,
Type FB3F; O-F 499, Type B
Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.
No. 2
Bronze brazing powder flux Bronze, copper, brass, ferrous, heat-resistant alloys BAg, BCu, BNi, BAu, RBCuZn 760-1205°C 1400-2200°F MIL-F-16136B, Types A & B; AWS A5.31-91, Type FB3J Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.
No. 609B/3417-FP Hi-Temp Brazing Powder Flux Ferrous alloys, High-Chromium, Tungsten-Carbide BAg, BCu, BNi, BAu, RBCuZn 760-1205°C 1400-2200°F AMS 3417;
AWS A5.31-92, Type FB3D
Superior Flux SDS Superior Flux Spec.

Superior Powder Brazing Fluxes are all RoHS compliant.

Superior No. 601-Powder is a silver brazing powder flux active and protective to 850ºC/1,600ºF recommended for use with Copper, Copper-based alloys, ferrous metals, Gold, Silver, and other base metals. See our Silver Brazing White Flux Paste for paste form brazing flux.

Anti-Borax No. 2 is a brazing powder flux used for brazing brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, malleable iron and heat-resistant alloys. This flux promotes deep penetration of the filler metal in the joints, resulting in high bond-strength in manufacturing appliances, farm machinery, heat exchangers, maintenance, ship repair, steel furniture and welding equipment. For information about additional Anti-Borax products, go to Cast Iron Welding Flux, Forge Welding Flux or Welding Flux.

Superior No. 609B/3417-FP is a Boron-modified powder flux that is active and protective up to 1205°C/2200°F. It is formulated for brazing ferrous metals and alloys, high-chromium alloys and Tungsten Carbide compositions and is used for carbide tools, large steel parts, or when heating cycles are required. See Hi-Temp Black Brazing Flux Paste or Carbide Brazing Flux Paste.

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